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Moob Over Darlin’

by | 29th, January 2007

moob-over-darlin.jpgGOOD news for adolescent boys and seedy men.

In this age of equality and equal opportunity, it could be you featured on the paper’s much hymned Page 3.

No, you will not be lying in the sands with Keely, frolicking in the surf with Nikkkkkki or showing your baps to a builder’s café in Romford with Armani. You will be alone and displaying your man boobs with pride.

The Sun has a picture of David Gest’s braless breasts. The Mirror has a shot of Simon Cowell’s still bigger charms.

Look at them. Study the form. Who would have thought it that the Sun’s male readership was less leering at topless stunnas on Page 3 then looking them over with a covetous eye?

“One day…” says the Sun’s readers as he bites manfully into his toast. “One day…I’ll have some of that…on my chest.”

And you can get your hands on a pair of pendulous breasts. In “NO BAPS CHAPS” the Sun says than man boobs, or moobs, are medically known as gynaecomastia. And you can get some by eating and drinking to excess.

Of course, many men already sport a pair of mob, and we have noted the assets worn by Simon Cowell and David Gest.

But we read that not all men are happy with them. As the Mirror notes, a growing number of men are having operations to REDUCE their bust size.

Plastic surgeon Adam Searle tells the paper: “Man breasts affect relationships, self-esteem and day-to-day living because they are too embarrassed to lie on the beach or without a T-shirt or to undress in the football changing room.”

But times change. Attitudes change. Years ago, would women have undressed in public, worn bikinis on a beach or bared their breasts in the pages of a national newspaper? We think not.

Might it be that full-chested Cowell will break the mould and turn on other men, and some women, to the beauty of the male bosom?

However this story plays out, the Star’s news that record numbers of women are going under the knife to get their breasts made bigger cannot be ignored.

The menfolk have issued a challenge and the women are taking up the silicon implants and running with them…

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