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by | 29th, January 2007

mummy-knows.jpgWAYS to embarrass your children are many.

But there is always something new for mum and dad to try, always a new dance, a new look, a new opinion.

And Anorak spares a thought for Jacob Goodman.

The Mail has no picture of 13-year-old Jacob, and we cannot help but think that as mother Annabel poses for the snappers, Jacob is hitching a lift on a freight boat to anywhere so long as it is far away.

The story is that Jacob has just been enrolled at the New Elizabethan School in Worcestershire.

This is not the first time, young Jacob has started out at this bastion of learning. It was just that a month after he began there, the school closed.

But as Jacob, described as “mildly autistic”, was executing a leap of unbridled joy, his mother stepped in. She bought the school.

Miss Goodman, a barrister, will cover the school’s £120,000-a-year running costs. The money will cover the teachers’ wages, insurance, rent on the buildings, books, sports equipment and a minibus.

Says Miss Goodman: “Jacob has settled into this school really fantastically well, but he is embarrassed about my involvement – like any 13-year-old boy would be.”

Bon voyage, Jacob. Bon voyage…

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