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Sienna Miller & The Diddy Man

by | 30th, January 2007

sienna-miller-the-diddy-man.jpgSIENNA Miller. Blonde. GSOH. WLTM man with own car. Only the famous need apply. Cuddles.

Another day in the romantic life of Sienna Miller. And a question: “DIDDY OR DIDN’T HE?”

Diddy is a pun on one Sean Diddy, the performer from Knotty Ash who has made a career for himself as a “hip-hop mogul”.

The Mirror says the Diddy man and Sienna have been out for the second time in a month. And, after an all-nighter, Sienna emerged from Diddy’s £400,000 Mercedes at 9am the next morning. And just minutes later, Diddy followed her into her hotel.

Another question, this time in the Sun: “So Sienna, Diddy or didn’t he?”

This is much like the Mirror’s puzzler, but the Sun has a picture of Diddy waiting at the hotel door and of Sienna going through the same.

“There is no suggestion the pair are romantically linked,” says the Sun. But surely there is. And didn’t it come from the Sun?

There is no little confusion. And it is left to the Star to clean up the mystery. “SIENNA SPENDS THE NIGHT WITH DIDDY.”

The paper labels the two a “gruesome twosome”. But what of love? “Man, I was just being gentleman and dropping her off,” says Diddy. “We all hang out together, but there’s no more to it. But I know how these things get spliced together and look bad.”

Not to mention gruesome…

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