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Off His Noodle – Doherty’s Thai Style

by | 31st, January 2007

off-his-noodle.jpgKATE Moss sweats. She wears an absorbent black boob tube.

The Sun’s front page brings much news. “Look at these photos of Pete and DUMP him,” says the headline. And we see two shots of Pete Doherty. He too is sweaty.

This is the “LATEST SHAME OF ROCK JUNKIE”. And scurrying through the paper we soon see four pictures of a topless Doherty.

To the untrained eye there is not much of interest in these pictures. Doherty has yet to sprout man boob, or moobs, and become the paper’s First Page 3 fella. But the Sun knows.

“DOHERTY JACKS UP WHILE HE CHATS TO MODEL,” screams the headline. The pictures show Doherty in Thailand. He is in a room with three girls in a backpackers’ hostel.

Pete sits on a bed. A telephone sits in the cradle of his neck. Kate is said to be talking with him on the phone. She asks him where he is and what he is doing. “What’s the matter?” says Pete. “I love you.”

The Sun sees a spoon, a syringe, plus “scattered bank notes in British and Thai currency”. Is Pete forging money? Are these the tools of the counterfeit artiste?

No, says the Sun. This is the paraphernalia of the drugs taker. “Pete Doherty shoots up cocaine as he talks to Kate on mobile,” says the caption to one picture.

But how? The Sun is helpful on this. Having learnt to take snort cocaine via the pages of the Mirror (see that Kate Moss story), the Sun shows readers that the narcotic can also be injected.

“Getting the needle,” says the caption beneath a picture number one, “junkie Doherty checks syringes.” In picture two, Doherty is “loading up”. And in scene three, Doherty positions the needle. For those readers interested, Doherty favours his left arm, about half way up.

But can we be so sure that Doherty is taking drugs? The Sun listens to the testimony of “starstruck” Australian fan Jess Lea. It was she who invited Doherty to the room.

She claims to have asked Doherty if he married Kate. His reply: “No, I love her but I wouldn’t marry her if she was the last woman on Earth. She’s too paranoid.”

Jesse then says Pete injects cocaine. “It was a bit mind-blowing,” says she. “He asked us if we minded. Initially we were like ‘OK, go for it’, but as time went on we began to get nervous.”

Luckily, Jesse and her pals kept their nerve, and a steady hand to take pictures of Doherty and then send them to the Sun.

And this is not the only way the girls helped Doherty. Jess says it was her mobile Pete was using to call Moss. Jess and her pals tried to usher Pete outside. Eventually, they put him in a cab.

Jess then sent Kate a text message: “Dropped Pete off at the Bob Marley café. He’s a bit out of sorts. “

And sweaty…

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