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Olivier’s Army – Kylie Minogue’s Lover On Penelope Cruz

by | 5th, February 2007

KYLIE Minogue, look away now. These are the pictures that will break your heart, says the Mirror.

“KYLIE CAD CRUZ SCHMOOZE,” announces the Mirror’s front page.

There’s a picture of Olivier Martinez. He is embracing another person. It may be a woman. It may be a man. At this stage, all we know for sure is that this person has black hair.

And this, says the Mirror, “just 12 hours” after his romance to Kylie Minogue ended. For shame!

There are more “SENSATIONAL” pictures inside the paper. And once again we see the cover shot of Martinez embracing a dark haired person. The caption reads “HUG”.

It is preceded by “DELIGHT”, in which Olivier moves into for the clinch and flashes a “broad smile”. And before that there is “MEETING” in which Martinez is seen meeting this significant other.

And do not doubt her significance. Oliver’s triptych features Penelope Cruz. It is her head we see. Her hands. Her hair.

These, says the Mirror, are the pictures that will break Kylie’s heart. “Does he really have to rub Kylie’s nose in it?” asks an “insider”. “This will devastate her.”

We are torn between rushing to comfort poor Kylie and stopping to admonish the “brazen” Martinez.

But the part played by Penelope Cruz in any breaking of hearts may be overplayed. In “DISHY DOZEN”, the Star looks at no fewer than a dozen women “in the frame over her love split”.

The final straw in Kylie and Martinez’s romance came in the form of Sarai Givati, who is said to have enjoyed a fling with Martinez just six weeks ago.

But there have been others. Since Kylie and the French actor began dating in May 2003, the paper has seen him with: Michelle Rodriguez (“canoodling”), Salma Hayek (“wining and dining”), French model Celine Balitran (?), Kelly Brook (“set tongues wagging”), professional girlfriend Sienna Miller (“long-haul flight”) and Angelina Jolie (“cosy”).

And more: the Star links Martinez with Mira Sorvino, Juliette Binoche and Dame Helen Mirren, who called him a “sex God”.

By our calculations that makes ten names. The Star promised twelve. We need two more. And in the papers “HIT LIST”, readers, and Kylie, get a “mystery girl” (“frolicked” on beach) and “bathing babes” (“canoodle”).

So much for them. All of them. But what of Kylie? Well, we hear a source tell the Mail that Kylie thought Martinez was “the One”.

And we learn that the break-up is not all. News is that Kylie is more upset that she may now never have children of her own. “I’ll never have children of my own, fears Kylie,” runs the Mail’s headline.

Poor Kylie. Is her role in life to be Kylie Minogue’s, she of the epithet “poor”, Australia’s answer to “poor” Jennifer Aniston?

Or will poor Kylie find love?

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