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Faria Alam Exposed

by | 5th, February 2007

IT takes a certain kind of woman to standby for love while her man empties the dishwasher.

Its takes Faria Alam, the former Football Association secretary, whose games of keep-uppy in the office have been the source of so much scandal.

Faria sold the story of her romance with former England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson to the papers. She went on to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

Fame and fortune beckoned the former model. And now we read how she intended to secure both in “£8k vice girl Faria in hiding”.

The Sun’s news is that Faria negotiated a fee of £8,000 for “three hours of kinky sex” with an undercover reporter.

The fee rises to £4,000 an hour in the Mail – “14 times as much per hour as she earned while working for the FA and Sven”.

For her part, Alam denies the allegation. “That’s ridiculous,” says she. “I’m insulted. I’ve not met anyone this week.”

But the Mail sees a picture of Miss Alam “stripping off and sprawling” across a bed. She is “cavorting” in her underwear.

It is said that she, allegedly, agreed to spend “two hours” with the reporter.

Some confusion, surely. The Sun thinks it is three hours. The Mail thinks two.

And while the paper’s negotiate, and try to contact someone who may know about such things (Jeffrey Archer’s never there when you need him), we hear more from Alam.

The Mail hears her say that all women secretly want to be prostitutes. Says she: “If they could get a way around it where nobody could find out, they wouldn’t say anything,” says she.

But if their sexual history featured a famous other, the woman may need to tell someone, to advertise the fact. “Your chance to sleep with the woman who slept with Sven Goran Eriksson,” reads the sticker in the phone box.

What man could resist?

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