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Kate Moss – Where Are My Lines?

by | 6th, February 2007

“THESE pictures of Kate Moss come as bit of a shock, don’t they?”

The Mail is not wrong. The nine stills of Kate Moss are nothing short of shocking. And the shocks are aplenty.

Shock! In no picture can Kate be seen chopping up lines of anthrax/sherbet/cocaine in the bowels of a London recording studio.

Shock! In no picture is Kate Moss smoking a cigarette, drinking a glass of wine or partying in a toilet cubicle in a central London nightspot.

Shock! She is alone. There is no sing of Pete Doherty, not even a whiff of him.

The shocks keep coming. So much for Kate’s image. This is, as the headline says it is, “NOT SO PERFECT KATE – The pictures that show how the fashion industry has concealed the truth about Kate Moss’s looks.”

But the Mail is less concerned with the tableau as it is with the details. “You can see the lines of her forehead,” says the Mail’s fashion editor. Get a load of the “wonky angle of her nose”, her “small snaggled teeth” and “most worryingly of all, her hooded puffy upper eyelids”. There is “Shock”. There is “Horror”.

This is the “gap between fashion fantasy and gritty reality,” says the Mail.

And we look. We look hard. We see no lines. Kate’s teeth remain more human than Yorkshire terrier. Although Kate’s hair does seem to be greasy and untidy, hers no parting you can open a bottle of beer on.

But the Mail sees all. It calls Kate a “role model”. It unveils the arcane mysteries of “airbrushing”, in which the masters of the dark arts erase cellulite, scars and scabs.

But it is all too late. The Mail fails to realise that anyone with a home computer can touch up a picture. You can supplant Kate’s head atop a new body – your own body – rotate it or turn her into Mayra Hindley.

But the Star’s pictures of Kate Moss leaving the Swan pub in the Cotswolds are unadorned. Kate’s skin has “pits, lumps and spots”. This is Kate, the “dermatologically challenged sexpot”.

For readers unversed in the many parts of the human face, the Star uses yellow arrows, and no little computer wizardry, to point to Kate’s chin and to her famous nose.

When we used to look at Kate’s nose we did so in the search for specks of white powder. Now we are invited to see if she’s got spots.

Times change. And, as the Mirror’s “TEN AND NOW” feature shows, Kate has changed in the past decade.

Ten years ago, she was great looking. And now, ten years after, she’s “stunning – “age has been kind of Kate Moss.”

Although not in the Mail, where she’s a horror…

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