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Hugh Grant Flops

by | 6th, February 2007

HUGH Grant is in conversation with the BBC Breakfast show host Kate Silverton.

Silverton, all lip gloss and eye-catching bad fashion, is too routinely awful to escape the suspicion that it was not her journalistic expertise alone that got her to where she is today.

As one UK critic said, she looks “not only as if she had come fresh from a beauty salon but as if she usually worked in one”.

And now Silverton is sharing the sofa with Grant. In “Hugh Silly Arse”, the Mirror listens in as Grant tells Kate he feels “lousy”.

Grant is plugging his new movie in which he plays a floppy fringe that can sing. His co-star is Drew Barrymore.

Says Grant: “I felt sorry for Drew. She’s full of laughter, sunshine, and positive feelings. I am the exact reverse – a little cloud of misery.”

Hugh does, nonetheless, does manage to beam a toothy smile in the Mail, which sees him walking up to the London premier of his new movie. Hugh is with Jemima Khan, his latest flame. And maybe his future wife.

Kate wants to know. The Express hears Kate ask: “You’re very happy in your personal life. Hugh – can we expect wedding bells soon?”

Grant: “I can’t believe you asked me that. This is supposed to be a classy show, surely? I’m ashamed of you.” This is “Hugh’s rant”. This is Grant’s “fury”.

The Express says the interview appears to be cut short. And why? The Star thinks it knows. It sees the camera move off Grant. A source tells the paper: “He was really furious she had the nerve to ask about Jemima…It looked like he called her a bastard.”

All hail the new Jeremy Paxman…

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