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Jemima Khan Won’t Dance To Hugh Grant’s Music And Lyrics

by | 7th, February 2007

“GRANT’S girl Khan do better.”

So says the Mail’s Allison Pearson, who has, like the rest of us, been observing Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan.

Allison says Grant looks more like the “boyfriend from hell” these days. But why? How did Britain’s best-loved jobbing fringe fall from grace?

The Mirror is there to spot Hugh and Jemima at Floridita, Soho, where they are marking his latest film with champagne and canapés.

The Mirror produces three photographs of Hugh and Jemima. It uses a speech bubble in each.

Picture 1:
Hugh: I’m not ignoring you, so don’t start.
Jemima looks glum. Jemima fiddles with her bracelet.

Picture 2:
Jemima: But you’ve talked to every girl except me.
Hugh smiles.

Picture 3:
Hugh: You’re just being silly. Now run along, love.
Hugh pats Jemima on the backside.
Jemima turns her back to Hugh.

This is, of course, made up, the stuff of fantasy. So here’s an insider to tell us she heard Hugh say: “I can’t kiss too many more women tonight as I’ve already had a row with Jemima.”

And here’s Jemima: “He’s ignoring me. He’s got lots of other women on his arm tonight. I knew this would happen. That’s why I’m sitting in the corner. I’m used to it now.”

Which leaves Hugh free to work the room, and the women…

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