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Strip Or No Strip – Deal Or No Deal’s Kelly Kay & Mum

by | 9th, February 2007

small_171263_1_1171012169.jpg“I GOT into topless modelling when I as 19,” says Kelly Kershaw, familiar to men of a certain disposition, Sun readers and her mum Jane as Kelly Kay.

Kelly first came to prominence when she developed a large chest.

But Kelly is not on the Sun’s Page 3, that job falls to another Liverpudlian, one Katie, 21, who says: “It was great to see so many people enjoying the weather, but I felt sorry for those who struggled to get to work.”

Further into the paper, Kelly is in conversation with the Sun about her daytime telly career as a winner on Deal or No Deal.

Mum Jane is £50,000 the richer for the experience of meeting Noel Edmonds. But money was not always so hard to come by and Kelly recalls earning £1,500 a month as a topless – and bottomless – stunna.

And she relives the time she and mum Jane joined forces on film.

“There I was, putting it on for the camera, writhing around and kissing the guys on the shoot and Mum was doing the same,” says Kelly. “It was hysterical.”

Is mum still laughing? “I had the same bust size so I knew what it felt like to have men staring at your cleavage,” says she. “That’s why I wanted to make sure the photoshoot was not pervy.”

As if a video of a busty blonde and her busty blonde mum could ever be perverted. A hint of incest? Never. It is artistic. It is done in the best possible taste.

But why did Jane join do it? Well, there was the cameraman. “He was very complimentary about my looks and figure and straight away asked me if I would be interested in joining in,” explains Jane.

So for £400 mum did it. “The way I saw it,” says Jane, “I go topless on the beach with Kelly so why not do it in front of the camera?”

Why not indeed? And having done the shoot, Jane and Kelly are now as tight as, well, mother and daughter’s knickers. “Kelly and I so everything together,” says mum, words fit for the back of any X-rated video. “We wear the same clothes and recently had our teeth whitened at the same time.”

When Kelly had her breasts reduced, it was not too long before mum was doing the same. “We’ve always shared everything so why stop now?”

It is a good question – one that Kelly’s partner Phill, a roofer, might care to answer…

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