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The Lord & His Shepherd

by | 9th, February 2007

small_171262_1_1171009035.jpgWHAT is it about learning that Jeffrey Archer lives in a vicarage that causes readers to throw back their heads and snort “Ha!”?

Is finding God the last refuge of the rogue?

There will much debate on this. But before Archer can find God, he is embroiled in a more pressing hunt.

In “Archer’s garden sculptures stolen”, the Mail looks at the shepherd and sheep that once took pride of place in Archer’s spiritual retreat.

The good shepherd and his flock have been stolen. They have strayed from the path at Archer’s Grantchester home.

Lady Archer says she and her husband are “sad and angry” at the theft. Says she: “It was captured on CCTV and it took them two hours to uproot the statues and drive away. It was quite frightening for me because I was in the house at the time.”

Being so close to villains can be no easy thing. The fragrant Mary has done well to muster her courage to speak.

But she can rest assured that the police are onto it. The law always get their man in the end. And this time, Mr and Mrs Archer can rest assured that justice will triumph.

Detective Sergeant Dean Wiffins in on the case, ma’am. Says he: “These sculptures would have needed a large vehicle to move them and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers seeing a van or any suspicious activity in the area on Tuesday evening.”

Nothing gets pass the police. And right it is that making off with a 6ft-tall naked bronze shepherd and assorted metal livestock would have required a generously sized vehicle. If the police require an idea of what a large vehicle looks like they can observe the footage from the Archers’ CCTV camera.

But among this bad news, there is good news. The thieves did not take all of Jeffrey’s garden ornaments. Among items left behind was a sculpture of Lord Archer.

The Lord remains in his kingdom…

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