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Pinning Around – Kylie Minogue & Penelope Cruz’s Doll

by | 12th, February 2007

small_171273_1_1171267122.jpg“I’M thrilled to be nominated,” says Penelope Cruz of her chances of Bafta success. “Although I’m tempted, I’m not sticking pins in Dame Helen’s picture yet…”

By now Cruz might be using her voodoo know how, beaten as she has been to the British acting prize by the, er, British actress.

But Cruz has come to the fore for matters unrelated to her acting. She has been seen with Kylie Minogue’s ex-flame Olivier Martinez.

How we raged at the world when we looked at those pictures of Martinez and Cruz in a clinch. This was just 12 hours – “half a day” – after Martinez and Kylie had ended their love affair.

But before we stick pins in a picture of Cruz, we hear the story behind the action. “Olivier and I have been friends for seven years,” says Cruz. “We are very close. You can understand that it’s a difficult time for him right now, so I have been there for him to offer support.”

Martinez is not so much cuddling Cruz as he is leaning on her, using her for support. As the Mirror says, Penelope is Olivier’s “rock”.

“He’s a great guy but nothing happened,” says Cruz.

And so it is we lay down the picture of Cruz and place the pin back in the sewing box.

And we look at Kylie. How is she coping? “KYLIE DAZZLES AT THE BAFTAS,” says the Sun. And on its front page we see Kylie wearing a blue dress. “Shining star,” comes the caption beneath a further picture of Kylie in a dress. “Kylie wore an unusual metallic dress.”

In what way unusual? Because we cannot see her backside or the profile of her breasts? The Mirror is unspecific.

But Kylie was at the Baftas to present an award. And she was not presenting it to Penelope Cruz. Which is a happy coincidence…

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