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Mull It Over – Kate Moss & Pete Split To The Highlands

by | 12th, February 2007

small_171271_1_1171266267.jpgPETE Doherty and Kate Moss have been arguing.

After so much drugs, drugs and, er drugs, the Star says Kate has told the pop f*ckwit she just wants to be friends.

An “insider” says the Pete is not best pleased with this. We hear he has been calling his ex-lover Lisa Moorish in search of comfort and support.

As ever in such matters of the heart in these post-Diana times, Pete sees Lisa as his “rock”.

And, as ever, in the matter of Moss and Doherty there is news confusion. Countering the Star’s story is the Sun’s tale. The paper’s “close friend” says Kate “cannot leave him”. And: “She feels let down by his constant broken promises but is torn because she absolutely adores him.”

What to do? What to do? Kate has an idea. She will take Pete away from the madness. Kate will buy Pete a Scottish hideaway.

The paper says that Kate has sent her people to scour Scotland for a place where she and Pete can get away from it all. The hope is that isolated from his “junkie mates”, Pete will be at his most creative.

Just how will Pete manage to score some heroin while surrounded by so much wilderness? Can you make a nose straw from a handful of Stone Bracken? Can Sheep’s Fescue grass be rolled into Bible paper and smoked?

But while Pete’s fans look forward to their hero expanding his creative horizons, the Sun dismisses it all as a “fruitless task”.

And then, after some deliberation, the Sun wonders if, all things considered, this might be the best way to cure Pete. Send him to the Highlands and leave him there.

It is a move not without precedent. As the Sun says, Paul and Linda McCartney often retreated to their farm on the Mull Of Kintyre.

Can the same trick work for Pete and Kate. And will Pete write a hit record and form a band with Kate?

Will the mists rolling in be a sign of the clouds lighting or the result of Pete sneezing into a bowl of noxious powders?…

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