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Sayer’s Rotten Underpants

by | 14th, January 2007

small_171131_1_1168809223.jpg“I’VE always been a tilter of lances against authority,” says Celebrity Big Brother escapee Leo Sayer.

Though not obvious at the time, Sayer’s immortal lyric “I wanna dance the night away” was the protest chant of its age.

Pocket-sized Leo was sure to be more than a handful in the Big Brother house. When the housemates needed someone to take a stand, Leo would be there to reach out and touch, only a heartbeat away.

But it was Leo who needed help. Leo’s sticking point in the Big Brother house was his underpants.

“I had run out of clean underpants and I thought, ‘That’s it.’ I asked for clean pants, they knew my size and they said ‘No’.”

Leo is nothing if not self-aware. As he tells the Mail: “People might say, ‘Why didn’t you just wash what you had?’ But I did not want to be on screen washing my smalls. And the sinks were filthy.”

Small? So much for Leo’s trusty lance of truth. Leo realises how he come across on TV – “Leo Sayer, spoilt little boy walking out because he won’t wash his pants.”

That’s about the size of it. Isn’t it?

Well, no. This is far from the truth of the matter. Indeed, as Leo says, “I have always struggled against this misconception.” He continues on: “I’m not this cuddly jumper-wearing good guy. I’m not David Cassidy. I’m more Johnny Rotten. I’m more Donny Tourette.”

Is this why Leo left the Big Brother house, to be like Tourette, the former public schoolboy whose swearing and smoking are signs of his rebellion?

Says the viewer at home: “Mother come quick, there’s a public schoolboy who changes his name and swears on national TV? What’s the world coming to?”

There is no accounting for Donny Tourette’s daring. Leo moans about his dirty underpants. Donny probably wears the same ones for two days at a time.

And as for that Mr Rotten, well, has he any underpants? Does anyone recall Rotten even mentioning his underpants when he was in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle?

Leo is no David Cassidy, who to the best of your knowledge has yet to star in a reality TV show.

Reality TV is for rebels who like to bunk off early…

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