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House Music – Big Brother’s Racist Chant

by | 1st, February 2007

“SHILPA ‘called a Paki’ on Big Brother.”

So goes the Sun’s front page. And the news is that an informant within the greater Big Brother alliance claims one use of the word features in a song. The lyrics run: “This house used to be happy, until that f**king –.”

As the Sun says on its font page, the “dashes are believed to mean the word Paki”.

But who sang such a thing? Looking over the Big Brother agonists, we see musicians aplenty.

Was it Leo Sayer (Thunder In My Heart: “A man where it comes from I just don’t know/ oh no, oh no”)?

Was it Jermaine Jackson (“Some things Are Private: “I’m gonna let you see/ All of my faces/ All the soft places”)?

What about Preparation H from Steps (5-6-7-8: “Foot kickin’ – finger clickin’, leather slapping – hand clappin’/ hip bumpin’ – music thumpin’ – knee hitchin’ – heel and toe/ floor scuffin’ – leg shufflin’ – big grinnin’ – body spinnin’/ rompin’ stompin’ – pumpin’ jumpin’ – slidin’ glidin’ – here we go”)?

Or what about Jo O’Meara from SS Club 7 (The Colour Of Blue: “The colour of blue/ Reminds me of you/ I never see grey, green, black/ You’re true”)?

It is a puzzler. And the search for the singer is made no less difficult when you realise that many who enter reality TV shows do so with an eye to scoring recording contracts and zooming up the charts.

And the story does not end here. The Sun sees a note on which a Big Brother executive has penned: “Some dodgy clips DO exist. We are f***ed.”

To go with the aforesaid song, which the Sun mentions one more time with feeling, the paper hears tell of a contestant calling Shilpa a “f***ing Paki”.

But who said such a thing? Will we ever know? Readers learn that a court order would force the programme makers to hand over all Big Brother footage.

It would then be left to the police to observe the show in its entirety and pick out moments that may be criminal, like racist language and Jermaine Jackson’s boot polish-style hair.

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