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2+2=5 – Big Brother’s Jade Goody Is The Real Victim

by | 2nd, February 2007

IT was a bright day in January and Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd is telling the police the “TRUTH” about the “P*KI JIBE”.

We all know how Big Brother begins, but how does it end? Will it ever end?

“It’s only a gameshow,” screeches Davina McCall into the night, her eyebrows raised above her hairline.

But is Big Brother just a game of chess? And isn’t it Big Brother who teaches us that “no chess problem since the beginning of the world has black ever won. Did it not symbolize the eternal, unvarying triumph of Good over Evil?”

So here’s a pale and wan Danielle on the Star’s cover page. And adding insult to Danielle’s self-inflicted injury who is it but Shilpa Shetty posing in a bra and tight, tight jeans.

That should have been Danielle. If anyone in the Big Brother house was going to pose in her underwear on the Star’s front page it was surely going to be Danielle.

But instead of the glory and the glamour the bullying beauty is being questioned by police for more than three hours at her solicitor’s London officers. The Sun says seven Big Brother stars will be questioned over the show’s race row. Danielle is just the first.

Danielle is said to have received death threats. Big Brother, the colossus that bestrode the world, has not been good for Danielle.

But what is this? Danielle has something to say. “I agreed to go on the show, but I didn’t agree to be the victim of hatred because of the editing.”

This is the twist. 2+2 = 5. The persecutor becomes the victim. And she is not alone. Jo O’Meara, formerly of the rebranded groups SS club 7, has issued a 900-word statement.

“I am genuinely sorry,” says Jo. She feels “like a rabbit caught in the headlights”. “I am totally shattered and scare to go home,” she tells us.

And she has a question to ask: “Am I the first person in the world to make a mistake?”

We suspect not. And we recall the names of Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee, Jo’s former bandmates who were cautioned for possessing cannabis back in 2001.

And while we struggle to think of others who have erred, Jo goes on: “I’m devastated sorry and have no idea what to do next.”

Jo needs help. If 2+2 is to equal 5, as Big Brother famously taught us, Jo will need an agent. Jo will need John Noel, who represents the screaming Davina and Jade Goody.

As reported in the Star, Noel has four weeks to save Jade Goody’s career. “I fear it’s all over for her,” he says.

But there is a plan. “Says Noel: “The next phase is to talk to the Indian people. The idea is to see a government official, do a press call and come back.”

But will it work? Can it work? The clock is ticking. Can we learn to forgive and forget? Can we learn to love Big Brother and Jade?

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