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Goody Riddance – Big Brother Jade Kicks The Habit

by | 5th, February 2007


Big Brother’s Jade Goody continues to make front-page news in the Star.

“Troubled Big Brother star too angry for anger management sessions”,” comes the teaser.

Is this possible? Can you be too angry? Is Jade Goody beyond therapy?

If Jade is therapy-proof, we at Anorak admit to a newfound respect for her. Sure, she’s an unlovely, charmless oafish sort, but anyone who can take on the griefmongers and therapists and beat them deserves no little praise.

And so it is that Jade has been kicked out of rehab. Jade has cracked the Priory. Jade’s too tough for them.

A source tells the Star that Jade “blew her top” soon after arriving at the celebrity hang out. “She has not learned a thing from anger management,” says a source. “She is rude as ever.”
So Jade was dismissed. Jade was rusticated. Jade was expelled from rehab.

But as we go to congratulate Jade, we learn that it was the other way around: Jade quit rehab.
Which is it? Did Jade walk? Or was Jade forced out?

Retired psychologies Mignon Sharie says her friend was staying at The Priory while Jade was in residence. “From the first day Jade was being antagonistic and attention-seeking,” says Mignon. “She was effing and blinding all the time.”

Jade was angry. She was angry in hr own room, with its en-suite bathroom and telly. “During one altercation she pushed one member of the staff.”

And: “Throughout her stay Jade behaved like a real celebrity diva.”

The patient on the scene hears a staff member tell Jade: “You cannot behave like this. We have people who are genuinely depressed and need peace and quiet.” Are we to believe that Jade is not “genuinely depressed”, that she is not as others are? That she is not like Big Brother bully Jo O’Meara?

The former SS Club 7 singer is said to be so depressed she has become afraid of mirrors and helicopters.

“This is bad,” says a pal of Jo’s. “She’s losing the plot and become a paranoid mess. She has turned all the mirrors in her room against the wall as she thinks they’ve been turned into cameras.”

And the helicopters? “She won’t set foot outside without scanning the skyline for helicopters – she thinks they’re on standby to get her.”

It might be best for Jo to remain at home. She is on “suicide watch”. She is depressed.

Perhaps if Jade could visit Jo’s house, the two could form a support group for Big Brother victims.

For victims are what they surely now are…

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