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Shilpa’s Just Desserts – Big Brother Winner Meets Tony Blair

by | 8th, February 2007

“SHILPA’S IN THE HOUSE,” announces the Sun.

And so it is that Big Brother’s Shilpa Shetty pulls on a white sari, a garland of flowers and heads to the Houses of Parliament.

“My name is Shilpa,” says the Big Brother winner as she meets and greets her new housemates. “Shhhh…” says the concierge in the debating chamber. “Shhhhh…ilpa,” corrects Shilpa.

Having met Jade Goody and survived to tell the tale over and over and over, Shilpa is now destined to meet the country’s MPs.

“Wow!” says Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary as she catches her first glimpse of Shilpa. If only Tessa had put a tenner on Shilpa wearing a white sari and not the 3-1 shot of tight jeans and boob tube.

Jack Straw stops by to have his picture taken with Shilpa. The Mirror hears Labour chair Hazel Blears collar Shilpa in the corridors of power and observe: “You’re so gorgeous.”

MPS and officials “acted like love-sick teenagers”, says the Sun, “begging her to sign autographs and pose for pictures”.

“Forget affairs of state, let’s all go and see Shilpa,” says the Mail. “Bombs are going off across the country, bird flu is causing panic and police are at Downing Street’s door,” trills the Mail. “But who cares when a Bollywood star is in the House?”

Who cares? Why, the Mail cares. And the paper takes a breather from the quotidian doom and gloom to see Shilpa meet with Keith Vaz MP. She poses for the snappers. The Mail produces a shot of Shilpa waving to the crowds on its front page.

This is, as the Star’s front page tells us, Shilpa being treated like a Head of State. “Give us yer autograph,” says Tony Blair, “or I’ll bomb yer country.”

Only joking, of course. Tony’s no bully. As the Sun says, Tony’s been watching Big Brother. Of her private six-minute meeting with the Prime Minister, Shilpa says: “He was really kind and said I carried myself with the utmost dignity. He was very sweet.”

Tony presents Shilpa with a framed picture of the Palace of Westminster. It is signed by Tony and Cherie.

And there is lunch. Tony, the New Colossus of British politics, does not let his guest go hungry. Give me your poor, your huddled Big Brother housemates yearning to breathe free, and I’ll give you a slap up lunch in the Members’ Dining Room.

Joined by the aforesaid Miss Blears, ministers Peter Hain and Harriet Harman, Shilpa tucks into a meal of salmon and – irony of ironies – chicken. This was followed by a portion of “Shilpa delights”, described as an “Assortment of English desserts”.

Anyone for trifle…

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