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Towers Of Babble – Big Brother Donny’s Tribute Act

by | 11th, February 2007

small_171268_1_11712003761.jpgBIG Brother’s Big haired Donny Tourette’s latest album is “quite tuneful”.

As reviews go this is right up with the thrusting teenage boy being labelled “sweet” by the girls and the husband turning to his wife and thanking her for being “cuddly”.

Admittedly, heat magazine is no maven when it comes to album reviews, its speciality being shots of women in clothes.

As it is, we catch up with Donny as he sits in a Mediterranean-style café. Donny smokes a cigarette. The ash is long. He is between two mariachi singers. “I just want to eat my fucking breadstick in peace,” says Donny.

(Donny’s Paul Weller tribute) I’m a Rat: “Walking through the city on a Saturday night / I was getting off my rocker doing alright.”

Donny, who looks like a cross between Captain Sensible and Roland Rat, is dressed in a fur coat and skinny jeans.

Is he happy he left the Big Brother house when he did? “Yes!” says Donny. Had he taken anything before he went into the Big Brother house? “No drugs involved,” says Donny.

Donny says he is a “normal, decent bloke.” He adds: “I’m alright, you know.”

Normal is exactly what Donny is. He is the normal face of rock – a rock star formed by committee: skinny jeans, spiky hair, obvious fags, booze, cups of tea for his mates in the morning, two-fingered salutes, turning the amp up to ‘11’.

(Donny’s Rolling Stones meets The Clash tribute) Air Guitar: “I wanna piece, piece of the action / Cos I need my satisfaction.”

Donny moved out of his parents’ home six months ago. It might have been less his rebellious streak and out-there persona that made him flee the Big Brother house than a bout of home-sicknesses.

But Donny is his own man. Sure he did like Oasis. Aged 15, Donny went to the barbers with a picture of Liam Gallagher and said: “I want it like that.”

He once played a song to Noel Gallagher. Ten years later and Big Brother presenter Russell Brand introduces Donny to Noel again. “Rewind ten years or so,” says Donny to Noel, “do you remember I was the kid on your doorstep?” And Noel remembers, at least that’s what he intimates to Donny. Says Donny: “I went home on a high.”

(Donny’s The Clash tribute II) – “You’re freakin’ out, oh yeah you’re freakin’ out for sure / They haven’t seen this since the English army won the war.”

Donny once stage dived, “thinking I was grabbing a pole, but it turned out to be laser”. Sounds nasty? “But that’s just rock n ‘n’ roll,” says Donny.

Donny once played a sheep in a stage school production of Joseph. Donny is baaad to the bone…

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