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Blackening Shilpa’s Name

by | 12th, February 2007

small_171275_1_1171270893.jpg“YOU’RE RACIST SHILPA.”

Oh, irony of ironies. Can it be that the victim has become the abuser?

The Star’s front page has much to shout about. This is Big Brother’s Shilpa. This is the “fury” over “black-up TV sketch”.

Says “black social commentator” Jaye Williamson: “Maybe Shetty is the racist – mocking Africans on her TV show?”

Eroll Walters, director of the Black Londoner’s Forum, says: “It’s crude and it’s crass… black people will be outraged”.

But what of the evidence that Big Brother’s graceful and understanding Shilpa is a racist? The Star takes a look at a TV show called Extra Shetty.

Shilpa, dressed in a jumper, is pictured alongside “goofy hosts” Abid and Suresh Menon. One of the pair is clad in a frizzy black wig and has boot polish on his face.

Shilpa is seen laughing.

We do not hear the joke, we have no idea of what is being said or done. We just see Shilpa smiling. And for the Star this is enough.

A viewer says Shilpa should “hang her head in shame”.

Shilpa publicist Max Clifford says: “The Daily Star must be desperate to print this kind go rubbish.”

Desperate? Or operating at the bleeding edge of the fight against racism? The Star dares to make a stand – black, white, brown, coffee-coloured or as orange as Danielle Lloyd, the Star champions equality. Aren’t we all the same under out clothes? Can’t we just learn to rub along against each other?

And what of this Danielle Lloyd? She’s on the Star’s cover. She’s on the Star’s inner pages. Everywhere she is in her knickers.

Here is Danielle at returning from a holiday in Dubai. Customs officers are taking 600 cigarettes from her person.

Danielle is said to be meeting up with her footballer, Teddy Sheringham. Danielle and Teddy are due a “St Valentine’s Day love in”.

Anyone looking in might suppose that the Star has some kind of contract with Danielle, a deal whereby whatever the Wag’s desperate un-loveliness, her charisma bypass, her utter lack of charm and talent, she is the Star’s star.

And above all, orangey-brown Danielle is always dressed in her knickers.

Can the same be said of Shilpa?

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