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I Should Coco – Courtney Cox Remembers

by | 13th, February 2007

small_171232_1_1170436401.jpg“I WAS really thin and I thought I looked great,” says Courtney Cox.

“I did not have anorexia but they kept writing about it,” she goes on.

“They” are the magazines and the newspaper and the websites. They are the organs Courtney doesn’t read. “I usually just look at the pictures,” says she. “I love to see what people are wearing. It’s hard not to want to look at the pictures.”

Tell OK! something it doesn’t know. And then say it again and again, and if possible do so while wearing a black and grey organza gown with five silver bangles on your right wrist and a satin clutch bag in said bangled hand.

Courtney thinks “it’s bad for kids across America to think that people on the show they look up to have something like that”.

Indeed. Better the kids of America think the pencil-thin stars they see living great lives and having great sex with thin others are naturally thin and do not starve themselves for their art.

Courtney can’t remember any of the “preposterous” things said about her in print. “I wish I could remember more,” she says. But she can’t. We are left with the anorexia.

But Courtney can remember other things. Courtney knows that when she is building sandcastles with her daughter Coco the last thing she wants is to see a photographer peering though the arrow slits and taking a picture.

To illustrate just how awful this is, OK! produces a picture of Courtney on the beach with Coco. Coco is sticking her tongue out. Courtney is looking severe and not a little thin in black sunglasses and red and white bikini.

Coco wears a white and pink sun hat.

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