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Urban’s Tub Of Love

by | 14th, January 2007

small_171130_1_1168787822.jpg“KEITH CHEATED ON NICOLE WITH ME.”

More Urban myths – or truths – as the Enquirer catches up with Amanda Wyatt, a 23-year-old blonde.

“I feel sorry for Nicole,” says Amanda, who claims to have enjoyed a “steamy” two-year affair with Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman’s latest husband.

“Keith cheated on her repeatedly, right up to just before they got married. He’s done it and he will probably do it again,” says Amanda.

Whether or not Keith cheats on Nicole with Amanda is a point left undeveloped.

Although if the singer is interested in what the future may hold in store for him, he can see Amanda dressed in a black bra and complementary knickers.

Urban, a noted taker of drink and drugs, may have forgotten about Amanda, if he ever dated her. And as an aide memoir, Amanda reveals much bare flesh and how Keith would take ecstasy and coke. “We partied constantly,” says she. “He’d wake up in the morning and would still be high.”

Amanda, billed as a “lingerie and catalogue model”, recalls their first meeting in a Nashville bar. “That night, we ended up back at his place,” says she. “We made love – he was so warm and tender.” And clean.

As Amanda says: “He had this big beige-coloured hot tub and he lit scented candles.” Go on. “He loved to wash me, rub my feet and wash my hair.” Amanda says they would shower together.

She recalls a text message Urban sent her: “You are the last person I have tasted.” And it seems to be as mutual appreciation, as Amanda is pictured with her tongue lapping at Keith’s face.

Amanda says “it was clear he was a troubled man”.

And now is the time to come clean…

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