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Billy Joel’s Inner Piano

by | 1st, February 2007

billy-joels-inner-piano.jpgIN the days before Health and Safety, Billy Joel was The Piano Man.

As the Enquirer notes, it is said that Joel once had his wallet stolen in Boston by a “woman who was performing a sex act on him under the piano”.

It seems odd in these cosseted and controlled times that such a thing was ever allowed.

If ever a tale from yore makes today’s entertainers appear insipid it is surely this one of Billy Joel singing his sweet and sad song while a woman, most likely in her early 80s and secreted in Joel’s piano stool, performed a “sex act” while simultaneously picking his pocket.

It is easy to see why Joel should now be battling what the Enquirer terms “severe depression”. Who would not miss those halcyon days when an act was more than a busty singer warbling other people’s songs before a panel of judges?

This is Joel the Piano Man. And not just by name as the Enquirer say that Joel was attempting to do to himself what he has done to his organ. It is claimed that Joel drank furniture polish.

The claim, made in a new book by author Mark Belgo, is that Joel was so down he scarfed the shining brew.

Bego also claims that the drink was not part of an attempt to get Joel in touch with his inner ebony piano, to give his insides a tinkly shine, but to end it all. Bego says Joel drink was an attempt at suicide.

“Billy has suffered from deep bouts of depression going back to when he was young man,” says Bego.

Back in the days when an entertainer dared to dream…

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