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Is Tony Blair Bovvered

by | 13th, February 2007

small_171281_1_1171358230.jpg“WE’RE in negotiations about the script. But Mr Blair and Downing Street have definitely signed up for it as it’s such a great cause.”

So says the Sun’s “TV insider”. And we wonder what it is that the Prime Minister is so keen to be involved with?

Good causes are what Tony does. Whether it’s building a new Scout Dome with Lottery money, promoting British creativity with a Cool Britannia party or supporting British tourism by welcoming TV’s The Simpsons family to Heathrow Airport.

The latest good cause is Comic Relief, the BBC’s telethon.

Odd it might be for a man who has so much say in tax policy and legislation on matters like schooling, health care and pensions to take part in the great annual begathon. But Tony understands good causes.

And, as the Sun reports, Tony will feature in a sketch with Catherine Tate. Tony will be visited at Number 10 by Tate’s character Lauren – “catchphrase: Am I bovvered?”

Says the source: “Given the chaos Lauren causes wherever she goes, who knows what she’ll do or say to Mr Blair.”

But Tony need not be unduly bovvered – some would say that when it comes to causing chaos, Tony knocks Lauren’s efforts into a cocked hat.

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