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Burnt Out Sienna Miller

by | 13th, February 2007

small_171279_1_1171356495.jpgTHOSE of you keen to know what Sienna Miller was up to at 5pm on the night of the Bafta awards can consult the Sun’s front page.

Labelled “5pm”, readers and Sienna watchers see the professional girlfriend in a light blue dress. Her hair is blonde. Her exposed back a golden brown.

The Sun looks on as Sienna attends the official Baftas party at London’s Grosvenor hotel. It is then on to cocktails at Nobu eatery and dancing at Boujis nightclub. There the Sun says Miller flirts with “Orange Rising Star Award” nominee Ben Whishaw. At “5am” Sienna goes home.

Of course, the glaring omission from Sienna’s night out is a trademark boyfriend, a significant other. If Sienna is to maintain her career, she needs to get a man.

And on this matter, the Mirror brings news. “SIENNA GETS HER ROX OFF,” says the paper as it reveals that Sienna is “secretly dating” Isaac Ferry, son to pop singer Bryan Ferry.

There is a picture of 21-year-old Isaac. And news of this “secret” romance as actress and her man dance at Boujis and then smooch in the venue’s VIP area.

It is breathless stuff…

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