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Robotic Woman – EastEnders’ Bionic Michelle Ryan

by | 14th, February 2007

small_171286_1_1171443305.jpgFANS of EastEnders will be familiar with the work of Michelle Ryan.

It was Michelle’s mission to breathe life into the character of Zoe Slater, one of the show’s assortment of Slater women.

But Michelle’s character was not to last. Zoe went to work on her Uncle Bert’s mushroom allotment/ to prison for a crime she did not commit/ to pantomime in Basildon.

What we do know is that Zoe has found work. In spite of her performances in EastEnders, where she was routinely out-acted by her wooden market stall, Zoe is to act once more.

As the Sun says, Zoe is to play the Bionic Woman in an American remake of the hit 1970s show.

“I still can’t believe it’s happened to me,” says Zoe. “As soon as news got out, I got congratulatory texts from Shane Richie and other mates from EastEnders.”

She goes on: “I’m very excited. The whole thing was quite surreal and I’m still pinching myself.”

But before Zoe pinches too hard and makes herself cry (a trick favoured by jobbing actors looking for emotional range), we note that Zoe will play the Bionic Woman in the pilot episode.

Many is the pilot show that has never made it to full production, and we recall the likes of Noel Edmonds Knows Fine Wines, TV Toasters – The History Of The Toaster In British Sitcoms (presented by Hale & Pace), and Chip ‘n’ Dale, a soap opera set in a Yorkshire Fish Restaurant.

But Zoe can still prosper. Indeed, if she has learnt anything from her time on EastEnders, it is surely how to play a robotic woman.

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