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Brit Rules – Justin Timberlake Snubbed

by | 14th, February 2007

small_171285_1_1171442826.jpg“BRITS snub for Justin.”

So says the Star, which heralds the British music industry’s AGM with a tale of how Justin Timberlake has NOT been asked to perform.

And can you guess why? Is it because: a) The organisers could nor afford him; b) Timberlake would have declined the chance to perform in an aircraft hanger full of braying music industry types and Z-list celebs; c) He is no James Blunt?

The answer, as ever, is d) None of the above. According to the Star, Justin Timberlake was not asked to perform because “Brit award bosses… feared the star would bring a lack of credibility to the show.”

Brits. Credibility? Whatever can the Star mean?

And while the Brits give one in the eye to the world’s biggest solo male act – that’ll learn him – the Mirror looks at what music lovers can see: Russell Brand’s hair.

The ubiquitous Russell Brand is presenting the show. And Brand’s hair – 8-inches high and rising – will do battle with the elevation that sits atop Amy Winehouse’s bonce – 12-inches.

It promises to be quite some show. Who needs Timberlake?…

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