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Sarah Ferguson – From Toe Job To Desk Job

by | 14th, February 2007

small_171283_1_1171373094.jpgSARAH Ferguson is “exhausted by her travels”. She is looking forward to a “new, less stressful existence”.

As Hello! notes, for the past 15 years, plumy mummy Sarah has been “earning a living abroad”.

In Britain, we have only seen Sarah when she’s been out at a party or out at another party. But “abroad”, Sarah is a tireless worker.

By way of irrefutable proof as to Sarah’s endeavours, Hello! produces a picture of her sat behind a desk. In Sarah’s hand is a pencil with a rubber on one end. The nib, sharpened, is poised over a sheet of white paper which, in turn, is housed within a black leather binder.

And this is not all. There is a pot full of pens, one orange, another blue. Another pot holds an emery board in purple. There is a magnifying class.

The Duchess of York is at work. This is her office. The pencils and pens are the tools of her trade.

Such is the way of life for Sarah, the American Cancer Society’s Mother Of The Year.

And here’s the Duchess to accept her award from Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, who, like Sarah, remains a titular royal in title in spite of divorce and popular rebellion.

“I’ve got a message for you,” says Prince Dimitri. “It’s a message from the Duke of York. How grand.

Prince Andrew, the UK’s roving golf ambassador, says he thinks his ex-wife is a “super mother”. Says Andrew: “I have been the silent beneficiary of her brilliance in the way she brought up our two wonderful daughters.”

The Duke refers to he and Sarah as “modern parents”. At which juncture fans of Viz magazine may well stifle a giggle. The Modern Parents with their free and easy ways.

But, as we say, Sarah is a worker. Just the other day Sarah posed in a pair of fishnet stockings clutching a horse whip for US glossy Harper’s Bizarre. This is work. Bring it on. Duchesses and horses love it.

“Andrew does the best he can,” says Fergie. “But he is the second son, so I’ve always helped out.” And, the Duchess may care to point out, Andrew is a second son scraping by on his Royal Navy pension.

So Sarah works. And right now Sarah is working on a historical novel. “The story is based in a red-haired character called Lady Margaret,” reveals Hello!. Says Fergie: “But if you like Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek and Jamaica’ Inn, you’ll love this.”

But we will have to wait. Sarah in the Alps, on a winter break.

Well, all work and no play would make Sarah a dullard…

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