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Rocking Out – Big Brother’s Jo Is Starving Herself

by | 13th, February 2007

small_171282_1_1171360214.jpg“FRIENDS are terrified that Big Brother bully Jo O’Meara is starving herself to death.”

No small shock it is to discover that Jo O’Meara has a friend in the world, let alone friends plural.

But the Star is an expert in such matters, toiling at the coalface of Big Brother news, following up the big story while others have dropped it for lesser tales of Spice Girls reunification and Sienna Miller’s dress.

O’Meara, the former singer with SS club 7 is said to have become “a recluse being pumped with prescription drugs”.

Says a “pal”: “Jo’s got everyone worried because she’s stopped eating. She doesn’t go outside as she thinks everybody hates her.”

And this is no hunger strike. Jo is not to star in Reality Protest, the contest to see which celebrity can best the record for the longest hunger strike, Bhupendra Kumar Dutta’s impressive 78 days (his protest against British rule in India).

And Jo has not stopped eating because her chicken is undercooked and Indian hands have touched her food.

And, finally, Jo, who must be getting thin by now, is not an Indian. Sure, Jo says Indians are thin because they don’t cook their food properly, but we can say that Jo is as British as roast chicken.

Jo is a depressed celebrity. Continues this friend, whose name remains unspecified: “And, because she’s talked about suicide, she can’t be left alone.”

And: “She’s very, very fragile and is shaking and rocking a lot.” Not rocking out, just rocking. “There are some days she doesn’t even get up and get dressed.”

Such is the luxurious life of a celebrity…

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