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Love Is…Gemma Atkinson’s Thong

by | 14th, February 2007

small_171288_1_1171444730.jpg“TV Gemma bares all – My Valentine’s With Ronaldo.”

While ten Wags dress themselves and others on TV’s Wags Boutique, Gemma Atkinson, Wag to Manchester United footballer Ronaldo, is carving out a niche for herself by undressing.

If the Wags Boutique ever features a lingerie section, Gemma would surely be the one to model the outlet’s range of diamante thongs and one-size-too-small bras.

Today Gemma is wearing a bustier and cheese wire knickers by Ann Summers. It’s the kind of thing Gemma’s footballer is used to seeing, as are we all.

“I’m very easily pleased on Valentine’s day,” says “down-to-earth” Gemma. “Just a card makes me happy.”

Don’t rule out Gemma wearing just a card sometime soon. Stick on some diamante and fur and she’ll probably wear it to the shops. But for now, Gemma is sticking with manmade fibres.

Gemma is romantic. For Gemma every day is Valentine’s day. Like Mr Christmas on the local TV news who keeps the seasonal lights up all year round and eats turkey, sprouts and mince pies 365 days year, Gemma is Miss Valentine.

“When I’m in a relationship, I treat it like it’s Valentine’s day every day, so today is no different,” says she.

But before Gemma and Ronaldo can pop out for a traditional Valentine’s day meal of lobster curry and strawberries dipped in alcopops, Gemma talks of her footballer.

“All my mates are so jealous that I’m going out with Cristiano – especially the men,” says Gemma. “

Who wouldn’t want to date a young, right athlete? Not that Gemma is into only footballers. “I don’t have a thing for footballers,” says Gemma, who has dated Charlton Athletic star Marcus Bent. “In this industry you meet all sorts of people.”

Ah, the industry of love…

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