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Dance, Heather Mills, Dance!

by | 16th, February 2007

heather_mills.jpgIT’S Heather Mills. Or, more precisely, it’s Heather Mills’ appendage.

“Mucca signs up for celeb dance show,” announces the Star. “FALSE LEG IN..RIGHT LEG OUT.”

Oh, such fun it is to mock the afflicted. Here’s Heather all set to appear on the American version of Strictly Come Dancing and the Star gets clever.

Isn’t Heather a disabled woman making a stand and twirl for equality? If two legged celebs can look uncoordinated and devoid of talent and rhythm in sequins and spandex, then why not celebs with one leg?

Should not Heather be applauded for agreeing to donate her appearance fee to Viva, an animal charity for beasts with three and four legs?

As a source tells the paper: “Heather is desperate to raise her profile in America and thinks this it the perfect way to do it.”

So dance, Heather, dance. Or hop, if you will. So long as you get to express yourself, who are we to judge you?

Dance the tarantella, or the hokey-cokey, as the Star suggests. And dance, if you like, into the police station near Hove, Sussex, and talk with the uniformed troupe within about this and that.

Says one local dancing policeman, a flatfoot, if you will: “It was a preplanned meeting for her to discuss a number of issues. The meeting did not relate to anything specific and she was not arrested.”

But Heather’s spokesman is a little more revealing. Says Phil Hall: “She has been subject to death threats and there has been ongoing communication with Sussex Police about that. I imagine it’s to do with that.”

So dance Heather, dance. It is the dance of death. And the Star is firing bullets at your feet…

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