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Britney Spears’ Merkin

by | 19th, February 2007

britney-spears-merkin.jpgDID Britney Spears have lice? Had she slept with a Nazi in occupied Holland? Is it a fashion statement, Britney giving her head a rest from so much peroxide and drying?

Reasons why Britney shaved off her hair in full view of the watching cameras are many.

But the Star looks past the claims and counterclaims and sees the truth: Britney is a “headcase”.

A customer at Ester’s Hair Studio in Sherman Oaks, where Britney Spears became Britney Shears, says: “She basically just said she was tired of having things plugged into her.”

Being plugged sounds a uniquely unpleasant experience. But we imagine a woman who shared a bed with Kevin Federline is less squeamish than most about having unpleasant things inserted into her person.

But the Sun concurs with the Star and says that Britney is under mental strain. “Tormented, frightened…and bald,” says the headline.

“Is Britney about to self-destruct?” asks the Mail. “Pictures at the weekend of Britney Spears shaving off all her hair raise disturbing questions about her increasingly fragile state of mind,” says the paper.

There is much analysis of the Britney way. The Mail, never shy on matters blonde and Sapphic, shows Britney kissing Madonna in 2003?

Britney marries Jason Alexander in 2004. Britney drives with her son Sean on her lap in 2006. Britney almost drops Sean, pictures of his orange hat falling to the ground flashed across the world’s news screens.

And now this? A bald Britney.

“She’s ill and in need of help,” says the Sun’s showbiz editor, a woman with black hair on her head. Britney is “totally unhinged”. Britney is “obviously suffering from a breakdown”.

Britney is doing the impossible and making us wonder if Kevin Federline, her estranged husband, was ever so bad. Could any of us have put up with Britney? Is Kevin a saint for lasting as long as he did?

And what does the future hold for Britney, a woman the sun sees going to hospital in a wig?

We, experts in Britney, chew on a pencil and wonder. How long will it be before Britney breaks new ground and sets a new trend in fashion? Behold! The Britney Spears wig and merkin twin-set.

It’s the talk of the town…

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