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Danielle Lloyd’s Dark Side

by | 19th, February 2007

danielle-lloyds-dark-side.jpgIT’S Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd.

For those of you unversed in Danielle’s work, she is dressed for the job in a pair of white hotpants and little else. Danielle might be a bigot and a bully, but she knows how to play to her strengths.

So here is Danielle on the Star’s front page. And there is a back story.

Danielle has been out for the night with a coffee-skinned pal called Leeandra Anderson.

At the apogee of Danielle’s Big Brother notoriety, Leeandra arrived on daytime TV. She was on This Morning. As a dark-skinned girl known to Danielle, Leeandra was Exhibit B in Danielle’s defence against racism.

And if any more evidence were needed – and before Danielle’s could show us her Beyonce CDs and how a cousin drinks her coffee black – Danielle and Leeandra kiss.

At a night out lapdancing in Stringfellows with her dark friend and her mum – remarkably, Danielle was watching and not performing – Danielle puckers up.

The Star’s picture shows Danielle grabbing Leeandra’s face in her left hand. Her right arm is hooked around Leeandra’s neck. Leeandra’s eyes are shut. Danielle’s eyes are open.

Danielle knows what she is doing. And if she can do it in a G-string and no bra, then so much the more tolerant…

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