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Look Out For The Transvestite Terrorists

by | 21st, February 2007

RUN! Don’t walk!

If you thought Omar Bakri was mad and Abu Hamza a hook handed one-eyed purple people eater, then prepare to be terrorised out of your mind.

Here comes the new face of, alleged, Muslim extremism in the UK. Bearded loons have had their day. We’ve seen their type too many times. This is a new look.

Here come the suspect now, a 6ft 2in high Somalian. He has shaved his arms. He has shaved his hands – palms or backs, we are not told.

“I didn’t want to be noticed,” he tells the authorities. “If I’m like a man I would be noticed. I wanted to look like a woman.”

His name is Yassin Omar. And he is one of six defendants charged with conspiring to murder and cause explosions on July 21 2005. Omar is accused of trying to detonate a bomb in a bag at Warren Street Tube station.

Of the failed explosion, Omar tells the court: “I heard this pop. I was scared. I ran with the crowd. I panicked. I didn’t know what was in the bag.”

And having run off, one day on and Omar is dressed as a Muslim woman. He is strolling around Golders Green bus station, north London, waiting for a bus to Birmingham. And, according to the Sun, he “drew no attention in the head-to-to black Muslim garment with a white bag on his shoulder”.

Oh, come, come. Of course he drew attention to himself. Just look at the pictures of Omar at Birmingham station, pay particular attention to the man to his right not noticing him. See no-one looking at Omar as he waits. See no-one looking at Omar as he “mingles with commuters”.

You can feel the other passengers straining not to look. “Don’t look,” they tell themselves. “Don’t look at him and he will not look at you.”

Listen in: “Why’s that big man dressed up a woman, mummy?” asks the child. Mummy tugs his arm. Mummy pulls him away.

And Omar walks about unwatched and unmolested…

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