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Tom Cruise & Katie Homes Go Back To School

by | 20th, February 2007

tom-cruise-katie-homes-go-back-to-school.jpgTOM Cruise and Katie Holmes match.

Clad in what fashion watchers are calling Star Trek chic, Tom and Katie wear matching silver helmets, matching moon boots and matching spandex ankle socks that at the lightest touch of perspiration play the opening bars to Close Encounters.

This is the vision of the future. For Tom and Katie are to be dressed by…Victoria Beckham.

As the Star reports, Vicky is said to be “really excited” at the prospect of employing her skills in getting dressed to dress the Hollywood stars for their Oscars showing.

We should not underestimate the challenge. But if anyone can teach two of Hollywood’s finest how to dress it is surely Vicky who has been dressing and being dressed for 32 years!

And what of the outfits? Why, they are matching, of course. We who have witnessed the Beckhams his ‘n’ hers creations down the years have an idea what to expect.

A source confirms: “Both her [Katie] and Tom’s outfits are said to be all black, with his and hers matching red trim around them.”

It is a look beloved by school outfitters. And if anyone can carry it off it is surely Tom and Katie.

And Michael Jackson…

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