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Jade Goody’s Old Habits

by | 20th, February 2007

jade-goodys-old-habits.jpg“JADE’S back in rehab.”

So says the Star’s front page. And reading on we learn that “Big Brother bully” Jade Goody – rebranded Jade Hoody – is within the cushioned walls of The Priory.

But why? It was not too long ago that Jade was beaming with delight as she took possession of her new £1.5million Essex pile.

Surely she could recuperate from fame’s vicissitudes within its expansive walls, with her two children and lover Jack Tweedy for support and love?

But it is not enough for “Sad Jade”. If she is to return to the fore and be forgiven, Jade need to do penance in the required celebrity manner. And that means a prolonged stay in The Priory clinic.

As the Star reports, Jade is depressed after her incessant bullying of Shilpa Shetty.

A source says: “She spends every day thinking about what happened with Shilpa and is not over it at all. Being called a racist is not something you forget and she can’t cope with everything that has been said.”

So she needs help? “The therapy sessions at The Priory are where she can open up and be honest about how she feels.”

The Priory is like Big Brother, an enclosed house for the needy and emotional. Jade was pretty open on the show, banging on about this and that, frotting her lover between belches. Jade opened up and we peered at the unsightly mess within.

So there goes Jade in her huge Range Rover through the centre’s gates. It is a trip she’s made before. And while we wonder if Jade has a loyalty card, or if she qualifies for a discount on account of still feeling low after previous treatments, we hear of a cure.

As the source tells us: “It could take weeks or months, and even then she may only get over it if she can meet Shilpa again.”

The odds are slimmer than an Indian chicken chef of the Bollywood babe stooping to save Jade’s career.

But on a brighter note, the Star says Jade has just been handed a “symbolic rainbow of roses” by an Iranian man on behalf of his community.

Well, not the whole rainbow, obviously – roses don’t come in brown, not unless they’re dying…

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