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Over The Moon – Sting & The Police Bounce Back

by | 21st, February 2007

stingpolice.jpg“I WOKE up one morning about three months ago and this light bulb went off in my head: I’m going to call Andy and Stewart and tell them we should tour.”

Sting is in conversation with Hello!. And the magazine recalls The Police front man declaring that if he ever reformed the band “it would be cause for having me certified insane”.

So here is officially mad Sting responding to the 60 watt bulb in his head and making ready to reform the band with which he made his name.

But is it only madness that has encouraged Sting to rejoin The Police? Or is that flickering light the spotlight of his fame receding. Reform the band and let the masses know what we once were. They may yet learn to love us again. And – who knows? – if we can throw in few new tunes and hook our fans and our fans’ children into a new album, then maybe, maybe…

But Sting is so much more than Roxanne and Walking On The Moon. “I wanted to grow as a musician,” says he of the decision that led to the band breaking up. “A band is very constricted. And I spent the last 25 years exploring that freedom and having a great time doing it.”

And he has enjoyed no little success. But The Police is surely what made Sting. And surely the band is the part of his career that will endure?

Not that Sting cares for such thing. “I care more about he planet enduring,” says he.

Who says fame changes you?

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