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Princess Diana – The Second Coming

by | 20th, February 2007

princess-diana-the-second-coming.jpgPRINCESS Diana remains embalmed on the Express’s front page.

But darken and lengthen the hair, airbrush the thread lines and reshape the face. Look again. Diana’s resemblance to Kate Middleton is uncanny.

But history must not repeat itself. As the Express’s headline says: “Why we must not let Kate suffer the same fate as Diana.”

Does the paper mean that we should take care not to idolise Kate, to turn her into a living saint, make her the embodiment of all that is good and pure?

Or does it mean that Kate should take care not to ride in cars driven by an, allegedly, inebriated driver and always put on her seatbelt?

Lawyers acting on behalf of Mohammed La Fayed argue just that point. They tell the High Court that the decision to hold the inquest into Diana’s death behind closed doors is “fatally flawed”.

Michael Beloff QC says: “There is no doubt at all on the evidence available…that the paparazzi were involved in the pursuit of the vehicle which crashed on the night in question.”

No doubt? “We respectfully submit that it is quite clear this is, alas, a recurrent problem in contemporary society.”

So it could happen again? Diana could perish again? Well, not Diana, but someone just like her.

“There are those who have in recent months – in particular in regard to Miss Kate Middleton… – said there is an eerie similarity in the way in which the paparazzi are now hounding the young lady and the way in which they hounded the late Princess Diana.”

So this is at the heart of the Express’s warning. Kate must take care. Kate must not gallivant about Paris with a playboy lover? Kate should wear a seatbelt.

Kate should not marry Prince Charles.

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