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Naomi Campbell Sees Double

by | 22nd, February 2007

naomi-campbell-sees-double.jpgTHERE are two Naomi Campbells.

We talk not of Naomi split personality, a Jekyll and Hyde, a good Naomi and a phone-chucking Naomi. We talk of the other Naomi, the one who passes herself off as the model.

The Mirror claims to have caught up with this freeloading Naomi, who crashes A-list parties and picks up big discounts on designer clothes.

The paper tells us that last week fake Naomi attempted to gain entry to Oasis’s post-Brits party. But she was stopped. And now the Mirror can reveal her to be one Susan Sangster.

And Naomi is delighted. “Thanks so much to you at 3am for finding this impostor,” says the model. “I was shocked to hear there was someone out there pretending to be me and fooling so many people.”

This is a feather in the caps of the paper’s 3am Girls. Who knew that there was a professional impersonator pretending to be Naomi Campbell?

Very soon we expect these tireless investigators to discover the true identity of the fake David Beckham, ersatz Halle Berry and conterfeit Elvis Presleys that make sick livings out of pretending to be what they are not.

But before that, we wonder if this fake Naomi has not missed her true calling.

If to the greater public she is indistinguishable from the real Naomi, why doesn’t she become a model and make a fortune from wearing clothes and walking up and down?

And, indeed, the arrival of new Naomi could give the old Naomi a break from being herself.

“There is only Naomi and it is a full time job,” says the old Naomi. Or is it the new one talking?…

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