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FForgetting Jordan – Gareth Gates Speaks Out

by | 22nd, February 2007

fforgetting-jordan-gareth-gates-speaks-out.jpgWHO says that talent doesn’t out?

And we open up the Sun to read that Gareth Gates is back.

Not that the reality TV singer ever went away, not really. Gareth, who rose to prominence on Pop Idol, losing out in the final to Will Young, was just taking a breather between words.

Gates, of course, had a stammer. And a singer with a stammer is never a good thing – unless who are Chaka Khan’s warm-up man.

So Gates worked on his stammer. And now he has lost it. Gates is stammer free.

“I’ve spent the last three years working on my speech,” says Gates in real time. “I’d never say I’m cured because that’s the wrong way to look at it. But being able to speak has changed my life.”

The Sun’s Victoria Newton says she chatted to Gates for an hour. In the old days, she’d have done well to come away with ten words of copy. But now Gates is eloquent and free to talk about his life and his future.

And Gates has turned his back on cover songs, those karaoke takes on popular hits of old, mainstays of the Simon Cowell-inspired pop charts.

The new all-speaking, all-chatting Gates is playing his own instruments on his own songs.

And the Sun wants to know all about it. So, Mr Gates, is it true that you shagged Jordan?

Oh, the temptation for Gates to revert to his old ways as his mind’s eyes is infiltrated by the pneumatic presence of the glamour model. Will he now FF-orget his breathing?

But he comes clean. He breathes. Says Gates: “The truth is we did have a relationship.” (Back in 2002, Gates denied that he’d lost his virginity to the thrusting Jordan.)

“I don’t blame her for slagging me off over it…She’s a nice girl. It’s very easy for people to slag her off but when you get to know her she’s great.”

And Gates did get to know her. And now he looks forward to meting her again and putting “things to rest”.

He might even apologise. And he can. With a nod to Elton John, for Gates sorry is no longer the hardest word to say…

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