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Off To A Tea – Mirren Meets The Queen

by | 26th, February 2007

off-to-a-tea-mirren-meets-the-queen.jpgLAST night Helen Mirren became the Queen of Hollywood when she won as Oscar for her portrayal of The Queen on film.

This news is something that will escape Sun readers who wake to the more thrilling front-page news that Mirren is to have a “QUEEN TEA”. Mirren has been summoned to meet the Queen for tea. Who needs a painted gold statuette when you can sip a cuppa from Her Majesty’s second best china?

Tiffin with Liz is said by the Sun to be a way of rewarding Mirren for her performance.

While America offers stars glitz, glamour and money, Britain offers a cup of imported caffeine and maybe – just maybe – a biscuit.

For a full review of what else America offers, the Sun looks at the thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery and Botox Mirren is said to have turned down.

America likes its stars to look, well, like American stars, and persons unnamed are said to have offered Mirren a swag bag filled with things to make her Oscar winning look of unrestrained joy and shock Oscar permanent.

Bu Mirren is British. Mirren declined.

And now Mirren will be rewarded for her fortitude and resolve with a slap-up tea with her Majesty.

And it is entirely understandable that Her Majesty should be grateful to Mirren. Most often the Queen is portrayed as a braying ninny, a sour-faced old bat or, worse yet, a German.

Mirren’s Oscar acceptance speech prises the Queen’s “dignity, her sense of duty and her hairstyle”. Says Mirren: “She has weathered many, many storms. And I salute her courage and her consistency and I thank her because if it wasn’t for her I most certainly would not be here.”

So here is the Queen a la Mirren, looking younger, more animated and not a little erotic. Mirren is a sexy 61-year-old. Queen Victoria can get the more matronly Dame Judi Dench, 71, in Mrs Brown, but Queen Liz gets something a little racier, a little more alluring. Liza gets Mirren.

And Mirren gets an Oscar. And tea…

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