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To Baldly Go – Is David Beckham Going Britney?

by | 26th, February 2007

to-baldly-go-is-david-beckham-going-britney.jpg“IS David Beckham going bald?”

The Start asks this question on its front page. And before Beckham hair watchers have a chance to ascertain the footballer’s head, the paper screams: “HE’S LOSING IT.”

Inside, it’s the Star’s “SPOT THE BALD” contest. This is no tricky task as an arrow in the B6 H5 square points to the top of the Beckham head.

Says a “top image consultant”: “If David is losing his hair, it would be a complete and utter disaster for him.

And for Her Poshness, who may like to coordinate her own hair style with her husbands.

Is this why the Beckhams look the worse for wear in the Sun (“WRECKHAMS”)? Seen leaving Los Angeles’ Koi eatery, where the Hypnotic cocktail is on the menu, Vicky looks a little tired and spacey. As does Dave, spotted leaving a London restaurant with some friends. The Sun sees him looking “weary”.

Understandable that Dave and Vicky should seek comfort in restaurants. Away from the arc lights and the laughter of the Oscars and the unforgiving Real Madrid floodlights, Posh and Becks are both viewed from the front.

But they should not worry. The Beckhams are going to live in Los Angeles, a place where hair is zipped-on. We remain confident that the right small woodland creatures can be found to live atop each of Dave and Vicky’s heads.

And we warn the Beckhams against shaving off their hair lest they look less than original – Britney Spears has done it – and accept the risk of American people coming up to Dave and asking him if he’s that guy from Star Trek and if Vicky is a lollipop…

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