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Go Figurine – Queen Gets Princess Diana

by | 26th, February 2007

diana-figure.jpg“NEMO me impune lacessit,” mutters Her Majesty as Princess Diana divorces her eldest boy and tells the subjects of affairs and so much tumbling down stairs.

Diana had given Her Majesty an annus horribilis. Diana had been a pain in the backside. Thanks to Diana the House of Windsor had been raptus regaliter (royally screwed)

But then comes a work of fiction – some would say a work no more fictitious than the sanctifying of Diana. The Queen arrives at the cinemas, a film that focuses on Elizabeth II after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Liz is not polishing a pistol or cackling in German as news of Diana’s demise filters thought to the car radio in her white battered Fiat Uno. She is sensitive and attractive. Deus ex machine, she now mutters.

Her Majesty is now changed. Her silence after the death of Diana is no longer a sign of her aloofness and cold heart but noble and dignified.

Time and Mirren have healed.

Indeed, Her Majesty might even be pressed to read the Mail and thereby learn how to obtain the free “beautiful Royal Doulton figurine” of Diana, as the Mail’s front page promises.

The piece stands at 22cm. It is worth over £100. It is “lovingly hand-decorated bone chine and captures Diana’s timeless, style, elegance and beauty”. Who would not want it? It’s £19.99 with tokens.

And then there is the Mail’s Princess Diana jewellery ensemble. Get in touch with your inner Paul Burrell and kick start your collection with the Mail’s “fantastic crystal bow earring with faux pearl drop”. The earrings are “hypo-allergenic”.

The Queen is, after all, sensitive…

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