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Black & White – Big Brother Danielle Lloyd’s Colour Blind

by | 23rd, February 2007

black-white-big-brother-danielle-lloyds-colour-blind.jpg“BIG BROTHER DANI SEXIEST PICS EVER.”

Further proof that the Star believed the charmless Danielle Lloyd would be a hit on Big Brother as it once more leads with a picture of the mo-del.

Danielle, now billed as Dani, is seen in a pair of black knickers and matching bra. Dani has nothing against black, that much is clear. Black, white, red or shocking pink, Dani will wear whatever colour of underwear she likes and damn the consequences.

Inside the Star, the colour issue is rendered null and void as Dani is pictured in black and white. She has removed her bra. She is lying on her front.

And she is speaking. Dani says she’s been out with some “rotters” – “and they weren’t the best looking lads in the world.”

So looks matter? No. Not to Dani, who is now topless. “But it’s what on the inside that counts. As long as you’re fun and you’re someone I can have a laugh with, you’ve got a chance!”

This, the Star says, is “sure to be music to men all over the country”. White man, brown men, black me, red men and yellow men.

And while men work out how to make Dani laugh – we advise bullying an Asian girl – Dani goes on.

“I like my bum,” says Dani, who offer it up for our appraisal. “My bum and my eyes get the most compliments. And my smile – people say I have nice teeth.”

White teeth…

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