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by | 24th, February 2007

daily-wail.jpgEVERY day of every week the Mail thinks up imaginative ways to remind you that life is cruel and you are going to experience pain and die.

And if it can’t think any up, it looks at the latest scientific research.

Here is a selection of things that will kill you and yours from last week’s paper of doom…


“The children of 12 in hospital for alcoholism” – The Mail finds pre-teens being diagnosed as alcoholics

“Gun violence: The real crime is the refusal to face the truth” – Melanie Phillips knows

“The 15 ways in which too much TV wrecks you child’s health” – Shortsightedness (staring at the screen); Alzheimer’s; type 2 diabetes (eating junk in front of the box); Autism (lack of social interactions); and more…

“Is this how it’s all going to end?” – See picture not of Tony Blair being made President but of the sun exploding

“STRICTLY PRIVATE. Thanks to the internet, your blind date can find out your most intimate secrets before you’ve even met. Worried? You should be” – Just why are lonely people lonely?


“Heart disease crisis ‘will cripple the NHS’” – Charity Hearth UK warns

“A 34-inch waist doubles the risk of womb cancer” – Says Cancer Research UK

THE Numbers:
6,000 – the number of women and children with sickle cell anaemia in the UK
40,000 – the number of people diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK each year

“Is the food in your trolley as healthy as the label claims? We reveal the ploys that can trick unwary shoppers” – Best stick of microwaved burgers

“Vasectomies increase risk of dementia” – HEADLINE OF THE WEEK

“I had a brain tumour the size of a cricket ball – and it was going to blind me” – Singer Russell Watson tells all

“ALLERGIC TO ELECTRICITY. Can radiation from sterios, computers and other electric gadgets ruin your health? The experts say no, but this businessman’s extraordinary story could force them to think again” – Brian Stein is electrosensitive

“Women’s lives are at risk because we test drugs only on men”

“SUPER LICE. We’ve never been cleaner or had more ways of tackling them. So why is new breed of head live running rampant throught Britain’s schools?” – We blame the curriculum

“Bob Holness had NINETY mini strokes and didn’t even know it. Then he was hit by the big one” – Beta Blocker busters


“I fear for our little Britneys” – Allison Pearson sees bald teenage girls

“THE OBESITY TIMEBOMB. British women are officially the most overweight in Europe and men aren’t far behind” – WE’RE fatter than the Germans


“Lasting risk of being born small”

“As it’s revealed British woman are the most overweight in Europe. Anne Diamond says you can NEVER be fat and HAPPY” – But you can be a laughing stock


“We’re overworked – yet can’t pay the mortgage. Expected to be superdads – and world-class lovers too. No wonder we men are utterly bewildered…WHO’D BE A MODERN MAN?”

“The killing fields. Modern Britons and pesticides are blamed for wiping out nature. In fact, when it comes to slaughtering wildlife, our ancestors put us in the shade…”

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