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Jade Goody Loves An Indian

by | 27th, February 2007

jade-goody-loves-an-indian.jpgJADE Goody is going to India.

But this is no gap year excursion. Jade loves her kiddies too much to leave them for an entire year.

This is Jade heading to the former jewel in Britain’s commonwealth crown to say sorry, or “SARI” as the sun has it.

Jade is out to prove that she is not a racist bully. And here she is in India. As the Sun says: “BELLY GOES TO DELHI.”

Jade is currently residing at Le Meridien hotel, a five star establishment in Delhi, a five star city.

Camera crews are camped out in the hotel’s lobby. Reporters are looking for her room. An onlooker calls it “pandemonium”.

And here comes Jade. “Everyone knows I love an Indian,” says Jade. This, by the way, is a joke, identified as such by the Sun. The comment is made as Jade speaks to reporters.

How they must have roared with laughter as Jade punctuated her gag with a plate of mansal dosa (Indian pancake stuffed with onions and potato).

Says Jade: “I’m here on a private visit for four day. People have been really nice. There are no cameras or anything. I’ve paid for the trip myself. I like the food here. Everyone knows I love an Indian.”

Looking at the Sun’s pictures of Jade in India, the impression is that she has arrived when the place is closed.

Five pictures of Jade and all are of her virtually alone. As any non-Indian woman who has journeyed to India knows, you can be mobbed by taxi drivers and randy men throughout your journey. You can be pulled and pushed. You can be cajoled and coerced. But not Jade. Jade is alone. Is India snubbing Jade? Is Jade unclean, an untouchable?

The Mirror (“THE FOOL OF INDIA”) recalls Jade saying: “I’d like to approach the Indian people face-to-face and apologise for the all the pain and hurt I have caused them.”

But they are not here. And Shilpa Shetty, the target of Jade’s repugnant behaviour, is noticeable by her absence.

So Jade says sorry to the winds and the Indians don’t seem overly bothered to hear her say it.

And all the while Jade Goody tucks into that delicious Indian meal. Made by Indian hands. And overhung by Indian mouths, Indian heads and Indian noses…

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