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Home From Home – Abu Qatada’s Jail Time

by | 27th, February 2007

home-from-home-abu-qatadas-jail-time.jpgNO, it’s not Omar Bakri or Abu Hamza. It’s Abu Qatada.

As the Express’s front page says, this is “one of the world’s most dangerous suspects”.

Qatada is billed as “Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man”. And he could be in Britain for the next two years because he can appeal against being deported back to Jordan.

“WHY CAN’T WE KICK OUT THIS MAN?” asks the papers front page.

Well, there is something called the rule of law. And once the law has been established it is not good form to make exceptions.

So Qatada – also known as Omar Mohammed Othman – and his long wiry pet beard can remain in the UK. Sure, he has been convicted in Jordan in his absence of “involvement in a series of terror attacks”. But he is here and thus subject to British law.

But still the Express thinks this is unfair. It wants its readers to decide what happens to Qatada. “Should we deport this evil cleric NOW?” it asks. Readers can vote “YES”. And those who love death and embrace evil and scratchy beards can vote “NO”. You pay your 25p, you make your choice.

But Qatada need not panic just yet. He need not go on the run, fearing the wrath of millions and more Express readers. In any case, he can’t go far – he is currently living in Long Lartin prison, Worcestershire. What is more, he weighs 20stone.

But he will go home. In answer to the Express’ front-page question, we say we can kick out this man.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission says Qatada must go home. His appeal against deportation has been rejected.

But Qatada can appeal some more. He can appeal to the House of Lords. He can appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. If he can get to phone and dial “No” enough times he may even appeal to Express readers.

And he can remain in choky in the UK until all venues of appeal open to him are exhausted.

“We should kick him out, period, and let him appeal from there,” says Ann Widdecombe MP. But over there, in Jordan, he faces life imprisonment for plotting to kill American tourists.

Qatada is either in prison here or in prison there. It’s a home from home…

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