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(Mariah) Carey Street

by | 27th, February 2007

mariah-carey-street.jpgIT’S Mariah Carey. She’s here to prove once more that so much Glitter does not equate to so much gold.

Carey is opening up her heart and the doors to her 12,000-ft triplex apartment in Manhattan.

“In life there can be ups and downs,” she opines. “You can’t be happy every day, because then you wouldn’t appreciate it.”

For sure. And as Hello! nods at such sage words we wonder if Mariah would appreciate the vast splendour of her home in the sky more were she to be evicted and forced to live in a studio flat or a cardboard box?

But Mariah has known hardship. She tells us how she once owned only one pair of shoes; how she would look at her money and wonder if she hold have lunch or a ride on the Subway; how she starred in the film Glitter.

But what of her new movie? Against what looked like insurmountable odds (see Glitter) Carey is filming something called Tennessee.

But while Carey talks about that, Hello!’s eye wanders about her massive home.

There is a dressing room modelled on a scaled up version of Bergdorf Goodman’s third floor.

There’s the Marrakesh Room, so called because it is exactly the same size as Marrakesh. And the Mermaid room, which would be a great place for real mermaids to live in with a school of blue whales for company.

And it would have to be filled with water – something Mariah has tried. Hello! relives the horror of the burst water pipe and how Carey’s home was, momentarily, transformed into the world’s largest inland sea.

Luckily, everything can be restored. Things were put back together piece by piece. Carey’s 1,000 pairs of shoes were placed back on their shelves in their racks.

The palace is rich with what Hello! calls “symbolism”. Carey says the butterflies on the handcrafted fireplace symbolise freedom.

The climate-controlled closets in which clothes are cross referenced by colour, fabric and occasion are symbolic of a woman in tune with her past, reality and the streets many, many feet below her windows…

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