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Mac Attack – Prince Charles Chews The Fat

by | 28th, February 2007

mac-attack-prince-charles-chews-the-fat.jpgHELEN Mirren, Queen of Hollywood, eats a burger and now Prince Charles is heard to say that McDonald’s should be banned.

“BURGER OFF!” commands the Mirror’s front page. “Storm as Charles calls for McDonald’s ban.”

In conversation with nutritionist Nadine Tayara in Abu Dhabi, Charles was heard to utter: “Have you got anywhere with McDonald’s, have you tried getting it banned? That’s the key.”

McDonald’s hears the words and counters that Prince Charles’s words are “disappointing”.

Others make mention of the fact that some of the Prince’s range of ready meals contain more fat than a Big Mac (24g of fat) – his cheese and onion pasty, for instance, is 36.5g of fat.

The Mail compares 100 grams of two meals and notes that Charles’s plastic-wrapped Cornish Pasty is laced with 5.5g of saturated fats, while the Big Mac holds a less obese 4.17g. The pasty has 1.25g of salt against the Big Mac’s 0.93g.

The battle between “BIG EARS V BIG MAC” (Mirror) threatens to make the prince look a hypocrite and a figurehead every bit as challenged as Ronald McDonald.

But a Clarence House spokesman tries to clean up the argument: “The Prince of Wales believes very strongly in the importance of a balanced diet for everyone, especially children.” The Prince sees the need for children to “enjoy the widest possible variety of food and not eat any particular food to excess”.

Children should try to mix their fatty Duchy Original pasties with the Prince’s Dark Chocolate Orange Biscuits, Blackcurrant Preserve and Chicken Liver Pâté with Lemon & Lemoncello.

Better yet if children can explore the world on gap years and skiing holidays and experience South African braais, Peruvian grilled guinea pigs and wild Scottish salmon prepared by a private chef and delivered to table by a platoon of uniformed butlers.

By now the spokesman for McDonald’s is ready to speak some more. And he tells the Mail how members of the Royal Family have visited McDonald’s – recently Prince Harry was seen buying a burger and some chicken nuggets after a polo match.

Readers also learn that the fast food giant sells salads, semi-skimmed organic milk, fruit and carrot sticks.
As dietician Catherine Collins tells the Mirror: “It’s common for people to pick on multi-nationals but you are what you eat – what you put in your mouth is up to you.”

And so it is – get a load of Charles’s foot…

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