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No Khan Do – Why Hugh Grant & Jemima Split

by | 28th, February 2007

no-khan-do.jpgWANT to know the “REAL REASONS” Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan are no longer stepping out together?

So firm are these real reason that Hello! tempers hopes of a reconciliation by saying on its front cover “IT’S OVER”.

So what are those reasons?

Are they that up close Jemima smells of cold tinned vegetable soup? That in the shrunken world of British society it turns out that Hugh is Jemima’s half brother? That they don’t love each other?

Fanciful suggestions can come and go but Hello! knows the reasons. And they are that Hugh sacked Jemima after she issued him with an ultimatum.

This is a neat story. Originally, the tale was that Jemima had dumped him. But how there is a fuller story, and it has background story, motive and plot.

Jemima made demands that Hugh was not prepared to meet. A friend of Jemima’s says the socialite “pushed him into corner”. She wanted more commitment from him.

And that’s, er, it. Granted, Hello! goes on to talk of problems with Hugh being close to his ex Liz Hurley and of his not being too fond of Jemima’s family.

Hello! pulls out its stock of photographs of Hugh and Jemima engaging in kisses in Barbados, Venice, Los Angeles and the South of France.

There is no shot of Jemima’s recently exposed merkin, nor of the PVC dress she wore to a function, that “cry of desperation”. And no shot of Grant’s mugshot.

All are reasons enough for any romance to end, you say. But not to end this one…

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